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Stop Smoking


“Tobacco – the only consumer product proven to kill more than half of its regular
users – is responsible for about 6 million deaths worldwide every year.
One hundred million people were killed by tobacco in the 20th century.
Unless effective measures are implemented to prevent young people from smoking
and to help current smokers quit, tobacco will kill 1 billion people in the 21st century”

The Triple S

We have found, over and over again, that smokers give up cigarettes and tobacco for three main reasons which we call the Triple S:

~ Save their health (before it's too late!)

~ Save money

~ Save time

We believe that health is the most important reason and it comes first, because if you don't have your health you can't enjoy the extra money you save, or the extra time in which to spend that money. So let us look at health first.

Health The most recent estimates show that around 114,000 people in the UK are killed by smoking every year, accounting for one fifth of all UK deaths - that's over 300 deaths a day! If you're a smoker then think about this: 50% - that's half - of all regular smokers will die prematurely because of their smoking habit. So the next time you offer a friend a cigarette, or a friend offers you one, just think - statistically - one of you will die early. That is shocking.

Now some of you may be thinking, "Oh what the hell - I'm only in my thirties," or "I'm only in my forties." Well, smokers in their thirties and forties have five times the amount of heart attacks as non-smokers in the same age groups. And we haven't even mentioned cancer! The good news is that after you kick the habit, nicotine leaves the body within 48 hours and very often you can literally reverse the damage you've done to yourself fairly quickly.

Time Let us talk about time. You are probably wondering "how do I save time by not smoking?" You save time in three ways. First, in a twenty year period a two pack a day smoker spends 1 million 460 thousand minutes smoking - that's 24,320 hours - or a thousand days - which is more than 2 years and 8 months. That is over 5 years in a lifetime! 5 years of wasted time, that's like doing a five-year jail sentence - a slave to smoking. The second way we help you to save time is that on average, by stopping smoking, a person can increase their life-span by 5 years, and those are 5 healthier years. Add that to the 5 years that you would have wasted, and you have ten years of health and freedom added to your life! The third way we help you save time is that our Integrated Stop-Smoking Programme has been streamlined, compressed, and improved so that now it only takes a single session of about two hours, instead of several sessions, to stop smoking: an investment of just two hours brings you ten extra years, and a lifetime of health and freedom!


Money And speaking of the word investment, let us talk about how you can not only save money, but why stopping smoking is the greatest investment that you could ever make in your life. And yes - when we say investment we mean investment, and let us explain why. The average smoker that we see walking through our door smokes between 20 to 40 cigarettes a day, on average let us say around 30 a day. Let us suppose a cost of a packet of twenty cigarettes is £8. A 30 a day smoker spends approximately £4,400 a year on smoking! That's an instant pay rise of £4,400 if you stop right now! That’s approximately £22,000 in 5 years!! And if you invest this money at an annual interest of 5%, in five years this sum will rise to a stunning £25,500! And the average smoker spends over a hundred thousand pounds in a lifetime!

Let us suppose now that you have £350. If you put that into a bank or building society, the most you could get is about 5% interest per year - which is £17.50 in a year. If you invest the same amount in yourself by stopping smoking, you make a 100% return in one month - not a year - from the saving you make from what you would have spent on cigarettes. And get this! 1,000% return in one year - tax free. Now if the government came out with a tax free investment where you would make more than 1,000% a year, every year for the rest of your life, guaranteed, but you could only invest £350, you would do it, wouldn't you? Everyone would. Because there is no stock market investment, no city trading system, in fact NO investment that can produce 1,000% return per year, year after year after year. That's why stopping smoking is the best investment you'll ever make in your entire life! We use £350 as a figure because that's what we charge for our stop smoking hypnosis programme. Some charge as little as £150 (usually the underqualified); some charge over £1,500 (which is still a great investment). But


we charge only £350* for our Integrated Stop-Smoking Programme.



Whom do we turn away?

Do we ever turn anyone away? Yes, we do. Occasionally, we turn someone away because it is neither in our interest nor in theirs to enter into a contract that - we know - will not achieve its purpose.
We only turn away people who don’t really want to stop smoking for themselves. For example, people who have been pushed into it by their husbands or wives and who don’t really want to be here. We only treat those people who come to us with a strong, genuine intention to stop smoking, people who are serious about it and who don’t come in a half-hearted way. Hypnosis helps you to achieve, it never makes you do what you don’t want to do. We can’t make people do things that they don’t really want to do, we can only make it easy for them to achieve something they want for themselves, and for their own reasons.

And in your case you do want to be a non-smoker, don’t you? And you do want to do it for your own reasons, don’t you?

Our package

The price of our Integrated Stop Smoking Programme is £350* only and it is the best value you can find on the market! Look around and see if others can offer you the same deal! You might find Stop Smoking therapies for less, but do they give you what we give you? Our exclusive package includes:

~ The peace of mind of working with experts: we are specialists in this field, because we have undergone specialised training and we have an official certificate attesting to it. Many practitioners provide this therapy but they are only general hypnotherapists and they don’t commit themselves to providing free backup as well. We do, because we are sure that you will be successful and because we want you to feel really looked after. Our support doesn’t stop when you leave our practice: we are always here to help! We also use an integrated approach, which utilises a unique blend of therapies in order to give you the best and fastest results.

~ A FREE pre-meeting by phone or in person at our practice, in which I explain to you my method and answer all your questions so that you can really be sure that you want to proceed: if you want, we shall book an appointment. If - for any reason - you don’t, then you will have committed to NOTHING and you will owe us NOTHING!

~ A FREE Relaxation CD against stress to the value of £15, which has been exclusively designed by us and that you can listen to in the comfort of your own home. The CD will remain yours and you will be able to use it over and over again whenever you need a quick and effective way to relax and beat stress.

~ An exclusive FREE Subliminal CD for Stop Smoking to the value of £20, that you can listen to in the comfort of your own home as often as you wish or need, in order to reinforce your commitment to a smoking-free life.

~ A gift voucher worth £15.

~ A very useful and highly motivating FREE 100-page information pack on Smoking Facts in an elegant folder. It includes statistics, general information, and other very interesting, lesser-known negative aspects of smoking. We want your conscious mind to be fully involved and determined to stop smoking! With our information pack you will learn about new, unsuspected harmful aspects of this habit. You will realise how many harmful and unexpected ingredients are hidden in your cigarettes! You will discover things you would never have imagined! Did you know that there are 600 chemicals in your cigarette? Did you know that among these chemicals are formaldehyde (used to preserve corpses), cadmium (used in batteries), arsenic, ammonia and many more? You will be amazed and shocked to read the complete list!

~ A one-session therapy, which lasts approximately two hours, and which will free you from this ugly, harmful and expensive habit forever!

~ 12-months’ FREE backup (in the unlikely event of you slipping into the old habit again): this is our best guarantee to you and the proof that we are sure that you will succeed!


* This offer is valid only for appointments Mon to Fri. For weekend and bank holiday appointments there is a flat extra charge of £30.



to give you even more peace of mind!

We are specialised Regressionists, and for the same price we now also offer you an optional free session of Age Regression Therapy. This will enable you to discover all the emotions and causes lying at the foundation of your habit (and maybe of other negative habits and ways of thinking as well). In this way you will be able to leave them behind once and for all.

Stop smoking right now and start planning how to spend the impressive amount of money you will save in just five years:

~ Repaying the mortgage?

~ A substantial refurbishment of your house?

~ Maybe a luxurious new bathroom or kitchen?

~ The dream holiday of your life?

~ A first-class school for your children, or saving for their university courses?

Your health will have also remarkably improved in the meantime, allowing you to enjoy this money in full.

Give us a call today and book an appointment, and all this will suddenly become a reality.
Start relishing the ways you can use your newly-acquired fortune!

But ... What Actually Is Smoking?

The large majority of smokers started smoking when they were very young, because of peer-pressure, in order to feel more grown-up and ‘cool’. Things, however, have changed dramatically in recent years and our society now sees smoking for what it is: a very harmful habit which can lead to a painful and premature death. It is also costly, at a time when people are trying to cut down on expenses. Smoking is antisocial; smokers’ clothes smell badly and many people are repelled by this.

There are many methods that claim to help you stop smoking but most have very poor rates of success and in some cases they are totally ineffective. More and more smokers are trying to stop but often they have grown disillusioned and cynical after various and repeated failures. Drugs, patches, gums: are they familiar to you? Have you really lost all hope of freeing yourself from this ugly habit? Then try hypnotherapy. It has been proved to be the most successful method of stopping smoking, with a success rate above 90% and I shall explain to you why.

The fact is that most commonly used methods treat smoking as an addiction, while it is not. An addiction is characterised by chemical transformations in the body. These transformations appear in the physical body and the mind has no power over them: chemical transformations are neutralised by other chemical substances. Addictions also cause serious physical withdrawal symptoms because of their chemically-based nature.

This doesn’t happen with smoking: nicotine is expelled from the body in as little as 48 hours. If nicotine were so addictive, people who use nicotine patches to stop smoking should then go to rehab clinics to get rid of the nicotine addiction, but there are no rehab clinics for nicotine addicts!

Smoking is not an addiction, but a habit, a deeply ingrained habit, and therefore it is the mind that needs to be involved if we want to get rid of it. Our conscious mind is facing challenges all the time and this is why - as soon as an action becomes familiar and is repeated several times - the conscious mind stops focusing on it and entrusts it to our “automatic pilot”, the subconscious. Think of the time when you learnt to drive, or to swim, or to play a musical instrument. At the beginning the whole task seemed to be extremely complicated and very absorbing, leaving no space for anything else in your mind because you were so concentrated on it. Then, with constant repetition, little by little it becomes easier and easier until you start relaxing and - if you drive for example - you manage to listen to the radio or to speak with your fellow passengers. If you play piano you start paying attention to the interpretation and not only to hitting the right key at the right moment. This is because your mind divides the complex task of driving or playing the piano into many small tasks and the simplest ones become automated, which means that you do them automatically, spontaneously, without consciously thinking of them. When you were a little child you learnt how to open a door and how to stand on two feet and walk: they were very complicated actions at the beginning, which absorbed you completely, but then they became so familiar to you by repetition that you now do them without thinking.

Now think that every time you light up you perform a series of actions which are always the same (opening the packet, removing the cigarette, putting it in your mouth, finding the lighter or the matches, lighting the cigarette ...). Multiply each of these actions by the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year ... and you will see what a strong and powerful habit smoking has become for you. Automatic actions are regulated by the subconscious in order to leave the conscious mind free to deal with challenges and decision-making. Hypnosis is the best tool to reach the subconscious directly and make the changes you need, quickly and effortlessly. The only thing required from you is a real desire to stop; you must really want to stop. If you come to me reluctantly, without being committed to stopping smoking, purely because a friend, your partner or a relative asked you to do so, you will not succeed.

This is because will-power belongs to the conscious mind: will-power is what makes us get up early in the morning and go to work because we need an income, even if we would prefer to sleep longer. Desire comes from the subconscious and is the force that makes us overcome all sorts of obstacles in order to reach something we want. If you run a marathon it is because you want to arrive first. The key word for will-power is “must” while the key word for desire is “want”. If you think you must stop smoking because someone else wants you to, but you are not fully committed to stopping, then hypnosis will not help you.

However if you really wish to stop smoking, there is no easier method than hypnosis. In just a single session, using a combination of hypnotic and NLP techniques, I shall effortlessly make you a non-smoker for the rest of your life. I am so sure that you will succeed that I offer you 12-months’ FREE support in the unlikely event of you relapsing into the old habit.


To give you complete peace of mind, today – for the same price – we also offer an optional free session of Age Regression therapy to discover all the emotions and causes that may be lying at the foundation of your habit, and maybe of other negative habits and ways of thinking connected with it.